Professional Solutions

Our services

  • Removal and liquidation of all types of waste
  • Groundwork and demolition work
  • Transportation services
  • Consulting in relation to waste legislation and environmental consulting
  • Treatment of hazardous waste
  • Demolition, excavation, technological cleaning and shutdown of operations
  • Implementation of large-scale investment developments
  • Import of gravel and sand

Other hazardous waste processing activities include the solidification of sludge and dust, decontamination of waste by application of physical methods, decontamination of waste by application of chemical methods, storage of waste, decontamination and reclamation of dump sites and waste.

PROSOL, s.r.o. has undertaken several projects engaged in the shutdown of industrial premises and their demolition. Besides the actual implementation of these projects, the actual activities also cover buildings, factory exploratory development work, sampling and analysis of costs for disposal.

  • Waste recycling
  • Merateľné výsledky
    and removal of waste
  • Tréning na mieru
    Lease of operating
    and freight machinery

In collaboration with our partners we can secure the following:

  • comprehensive delivery of customised construction and reconstruction
  • projects for electrical facilities
  • comprehensive delivery and assembly of technology and putting it into operation
  • software processing for control systems
  • comprehensive delivery of project documentation
  • heavy current and light current


Waste has been in existence since life began. It has been, is, and will be. That's just the way it is. The only thing that can be changed is the way we deal with it. We must not underestimate its effect on our lives and we have to start to realise that if we overlook waste then our planet will never be a beautiful place to live in. Let's not be indifferent if we want a world in which our children and grandchildren will be able to live without nasty views of the heaps of waste that will be all around them.

Due to the exhaustibility of natural resources, individual types of waste are gradually becoming and will become even more a significant source of input raw materials for production. Recovery of waste, that is material waste as well as energy waste, is becoming more and more the primary method of waste treatment. Waste recycling and the growth of branches of industry related to it are significant steps not only in terms of environmental protection but also in terms of societal development.

Zemné a výkopové práce

Caterpillar CAT M318
Caterpillar CAT M318

Kolesové rýpadlo s možnosťou hydraulického kladiva.

Caterpillar CAT 325
Caterpillar CAT 325
  • pásové hydraulické rýpadlo
  • objem lyžice 1,65 m3

Caterpillar CAT 432 E
Caterpillar CAT 432 E
  • kolesový rýpadlo-nakladač + hydraulické kladivo
  • objem čelnej lyžice 1 m3
  • podkopové lyžice: 40, 60, 90 a 150 cm

Caterpillar CAT 428 C
Caterpillar CAT 428 C
  • kolesový rýpadlo-nakladač
  • + hydraulické kladivo
  • objem lyžice 1 m3

Caterpillar CAT 226
Caterpillar CAT 226
  • šmykom riadený nakladač
  • objem lyžice 0,6 m3
  • zametacia metla

Liebherr 914
Liebherr 914
  • pásové hydraulické rýpadlo + hydraulické kladivo
  • objem lyžice 1,25 m3

Liebherr 551
Liebherr 551
  • objem lyžice 4,5 m3

Liebherr 564
Liebherr 564
  • objem lyžice 4,5 m3
  • triediaca ALLU lyžica

Valec VV110
Valec VV110 Vibračný valec hmotnosť 12t
Takeuchi TB175, TB290
Takeuchi TB175, TB290 pásové minirýpadlo 8,5t
  • svahovacia lyžica 150cm + výkopové lyžice 40, 60 a 90cm, drapák
  • hydraulické kladivo +mulčovacia fréza
Liebherr L514 Stereo
Liebherr L514 Stereo čelný kolesový nakladač 7,5t
  • objem lyžice 1,5m3
  • lyžica s drapákom
  • zametacia metla Adler K750
Autožeriav T148
Autožeriav T148
  • Autožeriav T148, typ D 070
  • nosnosť do 7 ton

  • vysokozdvižný vozík Desta, typ PXK
  • nosnosť do 3,2 tony

Road freight transportation

We transport loose materials and mechanisms. We do the transportation based on the requirements of the customer. We draw up offers according to these requirements and based on current demand.

Ťahač Scania
Tractor Scania
  • Goldhofer: oversize transportation up to 34t
  • trailer: 50 m3
  • bulk-tank body with pneumatic exhaust up to 100m: 60 m3

Kontajnerový nosič Mercedes
Container carrier Mercedes

Import, removal of materials (soil, rubble, green waste etc.) of volumes of 3.5m3 and 5m3 up to a weight of 3t.

Tatra T815
Tatra T815
  • single vehicle: 8 m3
  • towed trailer: 16 m3

  • single vehicle: 18 m3
  • container transportation
    from 3,5 - 30m3


VIBRATING CYLINDER AMMANN ASC150 - with measurement of compaction
  • price for lease with measurement
  • price for lease without measurement
  • the lease price includes the work of the engineer and fuel
  • transportation of machinery is charged separately
KOMATSU SK820-5 - loader
  • lease price
  • the lease price includes the work of the engineer and fuel transportation of machinery is charged separately
  • digger - loader
  • lease price
  • the lease price includes the work of the engineer and fuel
  • transportation of machinery is charged separately
SCANIA R420 8X6 3S / 2 vehicles /
  • dump truck
  • lease price
  • the lease price includes the work of the engineer and fuel
SCANIA R420 6X4 3S / 1 vehicle /
  • dump truck
  • lease price:
  • the lease price includes the work of the engineer and fuel
  • dipper 1,05 m³
  • lease price
  • the lease price includes the work of the engineer and fuel
  • transportation of machinery is charged separately
Vibrating plate BOMAG BPR 30/38 D-3
Vibrating shank HERMAN MAMUT 2A
Groove cutter LISSMAC FS13/2B
Mechanical immersible vibrator HERMAN HVE 113
High-frequency immersible vibrator HERMAN HM 1,6
Power generator HONDA ECT 7000
Circular saw for construction METABO BKS 450-5,5 DNB

About us

We provide comprehensive services in the field of waste disposal and extraction all the way to the actual liquidation or recovery of the given waste according to the requirements of each individual client. We dispose of all types of waste.

We dispose of hazardous waste, liquid waste and other waste. We dispose of inert waste and we offer waste recovery and waste recycling services throughout Slovakia.

List of clients - references:

  • Slovnaft
  • Transpetrol
  • Elektrárne
  • EON
  • Baňa Čáry
  • ŽSD
  • Železničné stavebníctvo
  • Železnice Slovenskej republiky
  • STRABAG pozemné a inžinierske staviteľstvo, s.r.o.
  • Doprastav, a.s.
  • EUROVIA SK, a.s.
  • ZIPP Bratislava, spol. s.r.o.

PROSOL, s.r.o. provides a range of consulting services in the provision of environmental audits, consulting activity in the implementation of quality systems (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and protection of health and safety at work (OHSAS 18001). We also provide environmental impact assessments (EIA) and professional assessment studies.

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  • Realizácia zemných prác a realizácia dodávky a montáže drenážneho systému - Grand Koliba
  • JLR - BIW Project Nitra
  • JLR - ASM Project Nitra
  • JLR - Paint shop
  • Žst. Bratislava Predmestie rekonštrukcia žel.zvršku a nástupišťa
  • Prístavba diagnostického centra v areáli NÚSCH a. s. a Výstavba pavilónu detského kardiocentra v areáli NÚSCH a. s.


Railway station : Nižná Myšla – liquidation of waste

NITRA INVEST, a.s. – Dunajská street – removal of waste and liquidation of waste and groundwork

DPB, a.s. - Modernisation of maintenance base at Jurajov dvor and Hroboňova

Development of "JAGUAR NITRA" industrial park

Increase in traffic safety on D and RC on the R1 section - Trnava - Nitra and Trnava - Pieštany section

Contact details

PROSOL, s.r.o
Vajnorská 105
831 04 Bratislava

Vajnorská 105 
831 04  Bratislava 
Company ID No.: 366 996 75
VAT No.: SK2022283032
Account number: 2928915565/1100

Ing. Silvia Vojtková - Konateľ
Zuzana Kučík Krajčovičová – Riaditeľ
Ing. Kamila Kurincová - hlavný ekonóm
Ing. Lucia Hrabková - odborný referent pre VO a životné prostredie
Ing. Zuzana Mikulcová - Príprava stavieb
0904 440 271
0911 564 934
0911 984 542
0903 707 557
0911 517 442
The company is recorded in the Business Register at Bratislava I District Court. Section: Sro (limited liability companies) File number: 43139/B.